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Inventix Solutions helps businesses transform digitally by making good use of innovative technologies. We work on transformative technologies that help to cater to the client's requisites and provide custom digital solutions that best fit their organizational needs. With the diverse technological experience, we understand the client's needs better and provide them with the most comprehensive solutions to execute their inter and business operations.

Our main objectives and values area as follows:

  • Innovative
  • Excellent
  • Sustainability

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How it works

Our Working Process


Planning & Requirement Analysis

We define requirements. Also, we explain business opportunities and plan the time and effort required to create the project. Based on this information, we can evaluate the technical and economic feasibility.



Once we have identified the project, we work with stakeholders to define the requirements. We use user flow diagrams to demonstrate how upcoming features will work and how they will be applied to an existing system.



Work begins when we define the requirements. Designers and developers begin working on their project, which aims to deliver a functioning product. The product will have multiple stages of product improvement.


Quality Check

Once the software development process is completed. We then detect bugs and review the product's performance.


Deliver / Maintenance And Support

We release the product for the user's working environment. After successfully completion of software, Maintenance and Support also plays important role to keep updated with market standards. We are always ready to work with long term maintenance and support plans.